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I just wanted to stop in and say hello to all my SR friends. How is winter treating you all. I am doing fairly well mentally, the meds are finally balanced. Abpot the time my mental state was better I started into a flare up of fibromyalgia. I have left the house twice in 10 days and am stir crazy. Let me know how you are all doing. It would be nice to visit.
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I was wondering about you the other day. Always amazes me as soon as you think about someone they appear

I hate the cold weather but, I enjoy the season!!

So glad, you're on here
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(((Suzette))) - it's SO good to see you!!

We had a day of gorgeous weather, 68 degrees, but now it's down in the 20's to 40's again, and rain moving in. I'm struggling with bills, suing workmen's comp and may have to quit my job, but I've finally learned to "let go" and am not stressing it...only took me a year to GET to this point! I'm in an online school, made the Dean's list for the first quarter, and this degree will help me get a CAREER instead of waiting tables the rest of my life...too old to keep that up

Hugs and prayers!

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Amy: What online school are you going to? I graduated from AIU online in 2007 with honors. Congratulations on the deans list!
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I'm going to Penn Foster. It's the same school that my niece is doing her home-schooling through. It's accredited and WAY cheaper than any of the others...didn't have to take out any loans for it. I'm so far into debt, I just didn't want to owe any more money. I'll have my 3rd associate degree..this one will be in Health Information Technology. I walked away from a nursing career, thanks to the crack, but can incorporate that knowledge along with this degree and get back into healthcare.

Hugs and prayers!

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We haven't forgotten about you Suz, so glad you checked in and hope your holiday season goes well

It's been unusually cold in Phoenix for the last couple weeks and we had a really bad storm do some damage in our area. But it sure feels like winter so it's a nice change from our usual weather.
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Hi Suzette! Its great to hear you are feeling better. Winter has definitely hit New Mexico and we have had some of the effects of Astro's storms. Its been a fierce start to winter. Glad to see you around here. Don't go stir crazy though. That's no fun.
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Good to hear from you! I was beginning to wonder what had happened to you. You kind of just fell off the radar screen for a while. Sorry to hear about the fibro acting up but glad your other meds are finally balanced out.

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good to hear from you suze,

and a Happy Holiday shout out to you!

i'm in a sober band called Rule 62

and our first gig is a sober new years eve party

blessings out
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Suzette glad to hear things are going better for you now. The school deal is something I need to start again once I get my finances straight again. You know we do not chat much at all, but I always get something from your post and I do keep you in my prayers.

Winter has finally come in my area, nothing bad yet, just a bit colder and wetter then normal, we did have one small snow which was awesome, they are talking about freezing rain this evening and I have no idea if I will get out of work before it hits, we are installing and testing new software where I work so this will be far from an 8 hour day today...... but you know, things could be far worse, my needs are met & that is all that really matters.

Sounds like things are coming together for you as well, glad you are checking in.
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