Went to see the doctor

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Went to see the doctor

On Tuesday night I did my best not to drink, but the shaking was unbearable, so I had two glasses of wine just to steady myself. I woke up yesterday in the worst mood ever. I couldn't even think clearly enough to get my kids dressed and out of the house. It was a tremendous blow to my pride, but I finally realized I can't quit on my own. I called out of work, and made an appointment to see the doctor. I left the kids with my mother in law and went to my appointment. It was hard, but I was honest with the doctor about what I was going through. I was prescribed 100 mg. of Librium a day. I started on it yesterday afternoon. I'm proud to say that I didn't drink last night, and it may not seem like much, but today I have one day of sobriety under my belt, which I have not had in ten years. Just wanted to share. Thank you to everyone for your support; this site has served as my lifeline for the past few days.
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I'm glad you went to your doctor for help. I too depend heavily on this site for support and understanding. I'm glad you joined our family. (((hugs)))
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lostmyway that is awesome, stopping drinking I found was actually the easy part, I stopped drinking 100s of times, the hard part was staying stopped.

For me once I stopped drinking the real problems surfaced.................. LIFE!!!!! I did not have a clue how to deal with life sober, it always fell upon me from every direction, I quickly became irratable, discontent, and frustrated. I would white knuckle it as long as I could thing that drinking was my problem and if I just did not drink life would become good, eventually I would wind up drinking again because that was the only solution I knew for life.

What I found to be the ticket for recovery was I had to find a new solution for living life on lifes terms, for me it was AA, through the program of AA I not only had a program, but I had people aka the fellowship to support me at any hour of the day or night, they shared with me what they had done to stay sober and live life on lifes terms sober.

I and millions of others have found recovery in AA, this is not to say that AA is the only long term recovery program out there, it's not.

Most people who are in long term recovery use a long term recovery program of some sort.

You will find staying sober far easier..... not easy at first, but easier with some long term recovery program then just simply not drinking.
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You did the best thing possible for yourself.
Well done!

Be sure to check back with your doctor in 3
or 4 days about how to taper off the Librium.
That to is addictive tho often used effectively
for alcohol de tox for a short period of time.

For local support and understanding....I find AA
works great for me. I use SR as a supplement
and it's also a fantastic resource.

l my best to you and your family...
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Hey you! Finally got to my pm's and returned yours. Also you now have my email in case this site goes down again. Please use it.

So glad to read you went to your doctor. You are doing it girlfriend! Keep on! I use SR for my recovery exclusively, but definitely have AA as a back up if this doesn't appear to be enough. You might want a back up too, but for now I am glad to see you are doing the right things.

If I can ever help or just listen please don't hesitate to call on me. I check in daily and now that I am not working more then daily.

Congratulations on 1 day sober and for the record, 1 day is an accomplishment! There is a reason I pledge not to drink every day on this site. It is a day by day commitment. You go!!

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Be proud of yourself for making the decision to live a sober life, and it's good that you talked to your doctor.

This site is my lifeline too!
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