5 Months

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5 Months

5 Months Sober.

peace and love xxx
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awesome. keep coming.
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Good for you, Neo!
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grats to you on your 5 months !
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You've weathered the storm, Neo, and just look at you now. I'm so happy for you.
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So glad you stayed Neo. Congratulations on your 5 months!
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Hugs and prayers!

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Looking For Myself...Sober
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Congratulations Neo! I'm right behind ya.
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If I only drink on the weekend drink 30 or so beers but do not drink during the week ino its alot am Ian alcoholic
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Congrats Neo, this is great! I am happy for you and good that you stayed and made it through the rough times. Have agreat sober day, may there be many more to come!

@scamy40:Welcome to SR scamy, you might want to start an own new thread, this way the chances to get more answers is bigger. Also, this way you can introduce yourself. Only you can say whether your alcohol consumption has become a problem in your life, but it looks like it bothers you and you feel something is not right, since you found the way this forum.
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Congratulations Neo

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5 months!!!! Awesome!!!

If I only drink on the weekend drink 30 or so beers but do not drink during the week ino its alot am Ian alcoholic
SCAMY04, are you aware that alcoholism is a progressive disease?

How often and how much did you drink 5 years ago?

I was a weekend warrior for quite a few years, I steadily increased the amount I drank & how often I drank, all the while convincing myself it was not a problem. The last 5 years of my drinking I doubt if I ever drew a sober breath. I drank because I had to drink, not because I wanted to in the end.

Here is a little test to take Alcoholics Anonymous : Is A.A. For You? Answer all of the questions honestly without thinking and then score your self.
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congrats on the 5 months neo.....i hope i never catch but only in a good way if you understand what i mean.

i didn't see this yesterday as i check sr from work. i remember when i first started i looked up to you as you already had some months under your belt. thanks for being an inspiration to me.
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5 months is a long time in my world. Keep it up. Each day.
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