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so my wife gave me the altomatom a year and a half ago, she also called the police om me and i did some time in jail for drunk driving in my lawn.
this was the day i soberd up. it took force i would not have done it on my own. i did not see the my problem till i soberd up. it was the best thing that she could have done for me.
my problum comes from a resentment for leaving me, though i would have left myself. and fully understand it was my falt and she had no choise really, for the safty of our kids. but i just cant shake it. i can not wair my wedding ring, a cymble of never ending. i dont feel maried anymore but liveing togather on altomatom.
since my recovery me and a friend stared a recovery house ,4 so far, i work with others daily but i feel like a hipocrit to have this resentment for it is not part of my recovery program.
i have never gotten along with my wife so well, and now my kids have a good dad, but i still feel like leaving her any thoughts?
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wally....for me letting go of a resentment isn't something I control the timing on..I can work on being willing to let it go and take actions to try and facilitate it, but ultimately it goes when it goes.

As for being a hypocrit...nonsense...we all have areas we struggle with...thats called part of being human and sharing that we struggle with others is part of have no need to feel embarrased....a good recovery program doesn't mean we are perfect (hug)
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