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Being Me for the first time
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gobble gobble

hoping everyone is having a great sober holiday , drive safe and eat plenty !
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You too Endzy!!! Hope you have a wonderful day! My son and I are just about to walk out the door to a friend's house who is more like family. Done TONS of TG's they're sober ones.

Enjoy!!! XO
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Looking For Myself...Sober
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Thx enzo. I am def sober and def going to destroy my diet. I can think of worse things iI have destroyed. Then since I am so hyper and only slept maybe and hour all night. Its going to be stuff myself till it hurts and then nap time. Great plan huh? LOL
Hope you all have a wonderful day.
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I totally destroyed my "abstinence from obvious sweets diet", lost control twice at the dessert table. I guess there are worse things I could've done.

Hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
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