What Relapse Brings

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What Relapse Brings

I relapsed last night.
I was sick all night
My heart was racing, I was sweating
I was sick to my stomach
Today, I am exhausted
My eyes hurt
my stomach is sick
I have bad acid reflux
I am bloated
I look terrible
I can't concentrate
I smell.

It was NOT worth it.
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And those are just the physical symptoms!

Hope you feel better soon and don't try that anymore.
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I relapsed so many times I thought I'd never get it right.

Learn from this, forgive yourself, and keep moving forward.
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Hey there...

I wondered how you were doing as I hadn't seen you around the boards much lately.

Been there, done that. It really hit me hard, physically and mentally when I drank again after some sober time.

Glad to see you back here.
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The main thing is to not let this stop your recovery.

Never give up!
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I am not giving up on ME.

I had been sober and going to meetings.
Need to look at what happened and get back to it.
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"It was NOT worth it." Simply put, but so very true. I did this to myself a few times before it sunk in that I just could not ever touch the stuff again. Sometimes it takes a bit of further proof like this. You know you can do it, and now you're even more determined.
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I am not giving up on ME.
Good for you Ladyb

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Posts like this help me a great deal, reminding me of why drinking is 99.9999% B.A.D!!!!
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You can copy and paste this post into notepad and save it on the desktop, that way you will definite answer to how you will feel if you relapse so you don't have to do anymore research:-)
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I know how you feel. I dont know about you..But I dont ever want to feel like that again.
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