Two Whole Days...

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Two Whole Days...

... yep, that's right. Saturday to Monday. This is so ridiculously hard.

Having said that, I just stumbled on to this site this morning.

I had no idea I was so not alone.

Thanks, guys. And (in advance)...thanks....
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Welcome WellDone!

Stumbling on this place was one of the best things I ever did too

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I second that.
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good job, you can make it! two days turned into 2 weeks for me, faster than i could have imagined
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I can think of worse places to stumble into, and trust me it gets much easier if you work at it and have a plan for your recovery.

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Welcome. You are far from alone.
I am glad you found SR.
And keep on keeping on.
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Welcome WellDone!
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Wow... I'm sitting here, though I can't type, checking my email constantly, all bummed out 'cause no one responded to my original post.

Then I actually logged onto the site.....and there you all were. Right here.



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And ruin my sleep,
And make me aware.......
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You can do this well done! 2 days is great. You sure don't want to do them over! Keep it up and before you know it you will feel like a new person!
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I am right there with you! Found the site today....when I make it through today, I have two days under my belt! Feels great to know I am not the only one either!
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