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Question New Here - Question

My little AA group only has me and 5 men. How do I go about finding a sponsor?? I'm 35 miles from the nearest big town. Thanks.
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Do you have a car?

How important is your sobriety to you?

Are you prepared to go to any lengths?

I was. this was extreme, but I drove 1 hour each direction twice a week, two hours each direction 1-2 times a week, and 30 minutes each direction once a week to get sober.

just depends on how badly you want to get sober I guess.

There are also women who have resorted to men sponsors
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I found my sponsor in a town about 25 miles away. I had four meetings available to me in town, but there weren't any women at the time with stable sobriety. And I live now in a district that covers two rural counties. It's not unusual to drive 20-45 miles (or more) to get to a meeting. As Ago suggested, if you have transportation, it sounds like it's time to travel. If you don't, there are other ways.

Have any of the men in your group been around awhile? If they have, there's a good chance that they know folks in neighboring towns and might be willing to give you or get for you the names and numbers of some women you can begin calling. Call the nearest local hotline and ask for a woman alcoholic to speak to. Explain your situation. Maybe if they know there is someone in your town needing support, they might organize a road trip to come and support your meeting.

Also, you say it's 35 miles to the nearest big town, but AA exists in small towns all over. Are there any other small towns that aren't so far?

Don't give up. Reach out, keep trying, and if you do the footwork, you'll get what you need.

Peace & Love,
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hi Sue

I answered you on the other thread ... did you read it?
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