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Smile Screentime

Hey all,

New here and I could spend all day online with you.

How much time do you spend at SR each day?

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I try to stay logged in all day while I'm at work, I read and post when I have a free moment which is pretty often these days with the business being down. When I'm at home I check in once in awhile, but I also spend time with my family and friends.

SR is a lifeline to recovery for me, it's a great addition to my 12-Step program in AA. I'm glad you're sticking with us Snowbunnie
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I stay logged in all day while at work also. Read the posts when I can. Not able to get on much at home, but I try to every now and then.
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Too much would be my answer , but whatever works right?
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I got nothin'
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At least an hour a day.
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Nowhere near as much as I'd like. I need to be here more often - I feel I've missed so many important posts. Also need to visit more forums besides Newcomers - even though that'll always be my favorite place - the place where I first discovered I could beat this thing. Welcome to you, Snowbunnie.
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we can *leave*?

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Anywhere from 15 min to several hours, but definately almost every day. There have been periods of time where I have left here, as I didn't feel "worthy", but I have always come back to kind words and open arms.
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Everyday while I am at work and sometimes jump on during the weekend if I need a reminder of why I need to detach and not enable.
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Thank you all for the feedback.

So far I'm with Dee. Can I leave? I haven't had a drink in four days, this place is making a difference, I'll stay.

Thank you all for being here and lighting the path for those of us new to recovery.

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