Update on Co-Worker's condition ...

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Update on Co-Worker's condition ...

hi -

For those who have asked how my coWorker is doing ...

I don't remember if I posted that her condition was a botched suicide.
At the onset- it was believed that it was an accidental incident.
(oxy's & alcohol)

She's moved to a town outside the city
because she has no function in her kidneys.
And she's going to ahve to have dialysis
every 48 hours
from now ... on.

Unless she gets another kidney.

But I'm not finished yet-
She's paralyzed on her side
(the side she lay on until discovered two days after the attempt.)

She has probable permanent speech impairment.

her son has had to take on a second job to begin paying what arre going to be astronomical medical bills.
Her brand new car she'd worked so hard to get
has been repossessed.
Her apartment
now has to be emptied out by the end of the month.
Leaving her son to do all that work
by himself.

the boyfriend she tried to kill herself over has dumped her for good.

proving beyond doubt he was
probably no one worth dating in the ifrst place
much less someone to be
dying over.

I post this because horselover's thread about her friend's suicide
apparently got people thinking about
my co worker....
the sympathy and compassion of threads
don't always reflect
just how many people are affected
by the actions of one person

and ultimately
just how selfish suicide really is.

If you think for even ONE minute
that suicide is something that even REMOTELY resembles a solution -


because it isn't.
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..your post hits home..

..1..2..times i failed..


..i was just to gutless to pull my finger out and seek help..

..and i found that people do listen..:praying..for you friend & son..

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Thanks for the update. Sending many hugs and prayers to you, your friend, and especially her son who has had a whole lot of stuff dumped on him.

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.hope i didn't diverse..this thread...
..mental matters are hard to explain..
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Thanks Barb, all parties concerned will be in my prayers.
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Thank you for the update Barb. Reality is tough, but the fantasy world of alcohol/drug addiction is a real killer. The lives affected bear an undeserved and terrible burden. Prayers for all. It reminds me of the wreckage that I have left in my wake and that is always appropriate. May I never forget. John in Oklahoma
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I agree Barb. It is definitely not an answer. I only wish people didn't keep that feeling of desparation such a secret. That's the hard part. I'm going to be praying for your co-worker and her son.
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