I hope this lottery gets better

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I hope this lottery gets better

Today is day eight, (I miscalculated the days yesterday) and I feel like someone is playing the lottery in my head. My thoughts are like the lottery machine that blows all the balls around in the air, then they grab one to post that number, that's how my thought are the last couple days. Up one minute, off somewhere else the next, now I know the meaning of "scatter brain", lol.

If this is a permanent condition, then I'll need a padded room soon, lol.

Anyone else go throught this? I hope it goes away.
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Thank god I thought it was just me!
I can't finish a thought without something distracting me.

I haven't answered my phone b/c I don't think I could hold a conversation.

Even this post has taken me over 20 minutes to write - start-stop-read what I wrote...

I am certain this too shall pass....
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This is a funny way to be, and it's ok.

It's like I've been sedated for a long time, now the sedation is over and all these thoughts are fighting to get my attention, lol. Paint the bath room, no, cut the bushes out front, no, I want to watch this movie, no, oh wait, I need to wax my jeep, huh, who's on SR, what did that guy say last night at the meeting, lol. It's nuts, but it's a fun kinda nuts, like, hey, there is a brain in there, and it's alive, lol.

It's better than having a hangover, feeling like crap and beating myself up all day, which is how I normally would be on a Saturday morning. Oh well, guess I need to do the dishes, lol.
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8 days is great my friend but it likely your body is still detoxing...take it easy.
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slow and steady D - it's been just over a week....versus how many years? LOL
It all gets better

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Congratulations on your sobriety!

Eight is my favorite number. I think it is lucky.
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