My First Question

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My First Question

I am looking for information about something I believe is called "The Threat of the Lie" or something similar. Does anyone have any info about this?
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Welcome to SR

Could you give us a bit more information?
Is it a book or song or poem?

What is it about?

Sorry.....I have heard of this but perhaps others have.
Please do check back later.
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Are you refering to Judaism and the notion of the false word? If so, simply visit

If you are more generally searching for literature / information on the nature of truth (a debate, not the novel by Sergio Troncoso lol) and 'lies' then you want to be looking at certain branches of philosophy. Namely, epistomology. My first thought was of Bertrand (sp) Russel's essays 'The Nature of Truth and Falsehood'. has some interesting essays too, which -being an accademic site- are pretty trustworthy and might be useful. Otherwise, a good place to begin is with the idea of 'justified, true belief'. If you google the term it'll come up with lots to get you started. I know, Gettier (as an example) wrote / said a lot about this idea and the problems of assessing knowledge / truths. Plato comes into it, or came before it as well...maybe check out Platonic Realism? If you are looking into the notion of truth, lies and the 'threat' of lies then the idea of what exactly knowledge, thus truth, is is the ideal place to begin.

...of course, I might be totally wrong here lol. I just don't know any poems, songs, literature, religious conciserations, movies etc with that title (not to say there ain't any), so I guessed you're looking into the concept of lies and their dangers / possibilities etc.

Good luck anyhow and a big welcome to SR ^_^
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Arg, to add to it, just ain't on about a phrase Hitler used in Mein Kampf? He said about 'The Big Lie' refering to the Jews and '[their] capacity for falsehood'. If so, its in chapter ten, I had to google it to find out the chapter, 'cause I couldn't remember.

And I ain't a Nazi, before anyone wonders. I just read quite a broaden my mind, not to narrow it, heh.

Anyhow, Hitler spoke of the 'threat' of what he termed 'The Big Lie' (...ironic now, really).
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M. Scott Peck has a book "The People of the Lie" is a study of human evil.
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