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hi everyone,

it's been 50 something days (i've lost track of the days actually) since i quit drinking. (quit on 9/9/9!).

since i stopped drinking, here are the positive changes that have happened for me:

1) haven't had any drama/fights with my fiancee since we both quit drinking. a coincidence? i think not.

2) i was stuck in a job with a nightmarish disrespectful boss and have been trying to find something else for months now. on wednesday i got a call that the job i applied for several weeks ago is MINE and it's 5k more, and a better job and even closer to home.

well, i guess that's it. 2 things. but they're MAJOR things.

life is good. sobriety rocks. this forum rocks.

thanks everyone!!

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Wow, I'm so happy!

Those are two major positive changes in your life in your 50 days sober!

Good for you Pancake, I'm so impressed.
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Awesome - I'm at the same point - I quit on the 8th of Sept. and I feel like a new person experiencing the world with all new senses. I check out this site frequently, but post very little, though I feel I've gotten far enough in this sobriety thing to stick my two cents in once in awhile. Just glad every time I read someone else describing the way the world has opened up for them since quitting drinking. All the best to you.

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thats great 888pancakes

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Thanks for sharing and Congratulations.

For many, the first couple of months of sobriety are actually harder ... but then something happens ... the positive life momentum starts kicking in .. and really nice things start happening (with some still crappy things mixed in just to keep us humble).

Great to hear. Glad things are working well for you.
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Well hello again 888Pancakes! (((((Hugs)))))

Awesome stuff!!! xo I think you really DO have 3 THINGS to be grateful for our friend....

You are also SOBER!!! I agree - Sobriety ROCKS and so does SR!!!

Love Pancake xo
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Most excellent!
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Thanks for your share.
The first law of addiction states that if you pick up, you will end up where you left off. It takes 3 days to metabolize any drug out of you system. I can not pick up. I can not handle being a practicing alchoholic. I will go through life with optimism, hope and courage. My boss is a practicing alchoholic sadistic *******. Before I leave this job I will make his life a living hell. He will never forget me and what I have done to him. I will not pick up one day at a time. I hope that all is well with you. Best regards. Dan.
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thanks for the congrats and support and encouragement everyone! day 53 and counting! i've NEVER gone this long without a drink. ever. i have moments where i forget actually - which is interesting. went out to a movie the other day and was waiting for my girl and had enough time to grab a bite before she arrived so i walked past this pub and could smell the beer and my brain said: 'hey, we have time for a quick pint before the movie!' and then i was like, 'oh ya, we don't do that anymore!' happens a couple of times a week in fact. it's funny too how well i know the landscape of the city by where the beer stores or liquor stores are. everytime i pass one of 'em i sometimes forget too (the forgetting lasts for a split second) and i think 'oh ya, i should pick up something from there...' then i remember.

blah blah blah. sorry, just blathering here folks!

dan, sorry to hear about your sadistic boss. that sounds like a nightmare. a good boss is hard to find that's for darn sure.
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way to go!
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You ROCK!!!!
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