Alcoholism or Bad Habit?

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Hey it doesn't sound like you have much freedom in your life if you are experiencing cravings that send you drinking till the room spins... the fact that you found this site is a red flag for your drinking... But by all means please join us over in the Alcoholism forum Alcoholism - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information we would love to have you... you don't have to live this way
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Wine is my crutch too...

I am new to recovery - day 2. I have had enough! It is hard to admit I am a wino and can't drink like a normal person anymore. I have gone as long as 15 days recently...generally I get my 1 bottle down every 3-4 days...except now I am up to 2 bottles in one night...every 3 days. It's a sick cycle...If I had $10,500 I would be checked into a 42 day recovery program.

Its was for me to drink - I work at home all day by myself, so I can drink without anyone bugging me.

I am a mother, a wife, a business owner and a fantastic high functioning alcoholic. I love that I think I can hide my wine in the garage, then throw out the empty bottle. No one will know...except me.

I don't know why I drink quite frankly. My mother was an alcholic before she died at 59. I really started to drink after she died, after my 1st marriage broke up, after I had a mental breakdown 8 years ago. Yikes, I have been a out of control drinker for 8 years. I didn't drink much in my twenties as I was to busy being pregnant, exercising and having fun with my kids. Hello 30's! what the hell happened?

I just want it to stop!:praying
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Originally Posted by CarolD View Post

As you are intending to keep drinking....what difference does it make
if it's a habit or alcoholism?

You might have missed this article

How We Get Addicted - TIME

Take care...
please, not "intending to keep drinking." seeking excuses to make it all right . . . in the one place i know no one will give them to me.

what difference does it make? in my head, if it's a bad habit, i can have a bottle NOW.
if it's alcoholism . . . one more day of not having a bottle. one more day of not feeling like an idiot as i skulk up to bed at 1:00 a.m. and lie that i "fell asleep on the couch" when i was actually acting like a doofus pretending to have a social life.

huh, at first i thot your post was callous . . . but look what it made me comprehend! kewl.

time to go read that article you linky-ed.
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Originally Posted by partydiva View Post
I just want it to stop!

good for you and your future!
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