It's time

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It's time

to give our mods here a big round of applause for giving their time and love to keep SR safe and running smoothly! Thanks guys for all you do! I love ya!:ghug3
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Thanks so much!!!
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awe,well done least! thank you has been a marvelous tool in my recovery,without you it wouldnt be possible.thank you for being here so folk like me can get the help they need.
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It would be chaos without them - I know I couldn't do the job they do. I've left other sites due to the runaway hostility & anger allowed. We are thankful!
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Thanks to everyone for making SR the great place it is

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This is a great place to experience the power of love and unity, which continues to change our lives for the better each and every day!! My recovery has definatly gotten stronger & more satisfying from being here on a daily basis!!
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Yes, this place is awesome! Thanks so much to whomever is making it possible!
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I have no doubt in my heart and mind that I would not have 16 months sobriety without SR. I am very, very grateful. Thanks, everyone.
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Yes, thank you so much!
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Flying by to say...

I appreciate each and every one of you.

Thanks for making a huge difference in my life, and for being such a tremendous

support in my recovery, and all here.
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