My Coworker was found in her apartment today....

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The New Me starting 1/11/09
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Sorry Barb. Our prayers are with you.
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same planet...different world
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thanks for that vegi - I remember you talking about that I think?

box - that is by far the CREEPIEST dracula avatar - wooo!

I don't have a good feeling about it at all, y'all.
I don't think I'm gonna see her again.

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Sorry to hear about your friend, it is so sad.
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Prayers for her and her son.

This is what scares me...
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I'm so sorry. It really doesn't sound good, but then I'm not HP and I don't make the rules as to who stays and who goes.

Try to get some rest, but I'll be up for a while if you happen to hear anything, oaky?

Love, hugs, and prayers!

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all i can do is pray.

so sorry to hear that.
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Hi Barb,

Prayers going out from Boston. I haven't been here for about a month and this was the first thread I saw. I admire your strength in coming here to share your challenges and super sober reaction to them. Hang tough - I know you will - and we'll keep praying.

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I know your anger on very personal level, Barb. My prayers go out to everyone who has been affected by this senseless tragedy. I am asking Grandfather to bless you and this family at this time of desparate need. Thank you for all of your posts, John in Oklahoma.
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Prayers Barb. I'm really sorry. Love, Jomey
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I'm so sorry.

I have asked myself the question of 'Why not me, why am I still here?' The only answer for me, is that I have still have things to do, there is still a purpose to my life on earth at this moment.
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:praying so sorry for your grief are all in my prayers.
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Hi Barb,

So sorry for your grief. My sons best friend was killed 2 years ago this month in a drunk driving accident.He was asleep in the back of the car with no seat belt on. He had been drinking but according to his BAC he was below the legal amount. We were devastated so I can truly empathize with what you, her family and friends are suffering. You just want to take it back or do it again and beg for God to help you fix it. I'm sorry....hope you are holding up well.

Do you have an update on your friend?

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..i'm so sorry barb.. Oz & MrsOz..
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Prayers for you friend. I'm so sorry. And prayers for all those I know still out there suffering, it could easily have been me
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