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Talking New here!

Hey guys...I'm Heather, 25, and after 7 years of deep alcohol abuse (like so many people, mine started in college), I'm finally ready for recovery! I'm on day three now...a bit jittery, a bit shaky, and REALLY wanting a drink. Going to my first AA meeting tonight and I'm nervous, scared, but also ready for the rest of my life to begin. It seems like I spent the majority of the past few years wasting my life...I'm ready to live and enjoy it!

Anyway, I'm just looking for friends who are also on the road to staying sober...don't be afraid to say hello!
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Hi Hebrewdiva, Welcome

You will be in good company tonight at that meeting! Congrats on your time sober.
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Welcome to recovery! (It gets better with experience)

Don't worry, there is nothing scary about AA meetings. You don't have to talk if you don't want to --just say you are there just to listen for today. HOWEVER, talking is therapeutic so maybe after experiencing your first or few AA meetings please consider doing so. AA meetings are comforting, you will find a sense of connection and support.
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Welcome Heather, the first few days were the roughest for me, rest assured that it does get better. You're getting a good jump on your recovery by going to AA, try to listen for the similarities rather than the differences, get lots of phone numbers and don't hesitate to call someone, and reach out for support as much as possible.

You've got a very fulfilling life ahead of you in sobriety, just be patient and do the work, you'll be rewarded for your efforts.
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Welcome to SR Heather!
You'll find a lot of friends here
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Welcome! I wish I had your sense at 25. Good for you.
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Welcome to SR!
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Thanks everyone for the encouragement - I will update on how my first AA meeting went! I know it's going to be a process and a journey but it's one I'm ready to take.
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Welcome Heather
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I look forward to hearing your update!
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Hi Hebrewdiva, I am on day 5. I have found (through many experiences) that the best way to get through the shakes and jitters is to stay active. Try walking outside, even walking around the house constantly. Can't tell you how many laps around my house I have done. I think it really hastens the process. I am not planning on ever going back. But have to take it one day at a time. Reading posts from others gives me motivation. Good luck!!
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Funny you mention that because I've done laps around my office at work! You're right - it does help.
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Good for you!

You are on the ball girl! At 25 I didn't have a clue, good luck at your first meeting and I am only 7 days sober, so you are not alone there.

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Keep coming back, you'll find a lot of support here.
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Hi and Welcome,

I'm glad you're seeking support and that you have decided to live a sober life.
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Hi and welcome to SR. You are probably at your AA meeting right now, that is a great start. AA has really helped in my recovery and continues to do so. Being surrounded by people who have gone through the same thing helps. Hope you got some numbers of people there.
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Hey guys, I'm back! I will talk more about it tomorrow but I have to say that the AA meeting tonight really moved me... I got some great contacts and lots of support!!!!
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Hi, Heather, and welcome to SR. It's the best place to find support and understanding. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Post and post often, it helps us all.

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Thanks, HebrewDiva for the update... I had the feeling from your initial post that you would get good connections and lots of support in your first AA meeting.

Just a hint: sobriety and real recovery require more of your effort than others. But that is the hard part, going to meetings is the easy part.

Keep it up!
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