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I guess I need to say this.i am an alcoholic.Drank for I guess for probably over twenty years.People hinted to me through the years I might have a problem. Always told myself i didnt. Now looking back i had a big problem.I now sit wondering if I have destroyed my life.I really hope not.The only thing i am sure of is i cant drink again.As i write this I cant help but feel hopeless,but reading some of the comments on this site gives me hope.
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We are here to share our experience strength and hope with each other so that we might stay sober and help others to stay sober.
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Honesty is the first step in recovery Joey, admitting we're powerless. And I don't really know of any hopeless people on SR, I always say that we're winners in recovery. Keep reading and posting here and you'll see that your story is very similar to what many of us have experienced, and we've overcome the wreckage of our past.
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Welcome to SR Joey - the hope here was the first thing that got me too
Noone does this alone - we all can do this

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Hi Joey, and welcome.

Congratulations on your sobriety so far! The first months were the hardest for me. This is a great place to come for inspiration, both to give and to receive!! I look forward to reading your posts.

Cathy, Alcoholic
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Hi Joey,

I think it can be overwhelming when we stop drinking and look back at what we've done with our lives. But, please know that there is hope. Take a look around here and you'll find lots of inspiration.
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I feel ya...a counselor described it perfectly, quitting drinking is like quitting a relationship. It's like breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend...and there's a grievance period...that's where I'm at. It's described a lil too simple, I agree, because it's really like losing your love of your life or x many years too me! But it'll get better they say....
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keep coming back.
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