TOPIC: R U Coming To Terms & Starting To Learn

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Hi Im Sharon and Im an Alcoholic.

By the grace of my HP and people
like you here in SR I havent found
it necessary to pick up a drink of
alcohol since 8-11-90.

For that and you I am truely grateful.

Are You Coming To Terms about
ur addiction, whether it be drugs,
alcohol, sex, gambling and Starting
to Learn how live each day with

Everyday we are tempted by the
forces in the world, work place,
families that get us down and
thrive on our weaknesses, so we
turn to what we think will help
us which in turn destroyes us.

We search for a relief and hopefully
enter a program of recovery to
help us learn to live a day at a time
without that crutch of addiction.

19 yrs ago when i hit bottom with
my addiction to alcohol my family
stepped in with an intervention
to save my life. At that time i could-
nt and wouldnt come to terms
that I had a serious problem that
was destroying me and my relation-
ship with family and friends.

As suggested I took one day at
a time and recieved the tools and
knowledge of my disease and follow-
ed many before me who had admitted-
they had a problem and their life
was unmanageable,.

Today I continue on my path of
recovery applying those steps and
principles set down before me to
live a more happier , free'r life w/out
the crutch of alcohol just by simply
passing it on to you.

And that's how it has been working
for me for a many one days at
a time collected together to get
me where I am today.
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good morning sharon.
I am ready to stand up and say, My name is Lisa, and I am an alcoholic.
I am making sure each day to add a little to my bag of tricks, so when troubles come I can stand on my own two feet and face them sober.

I will do anything it takes, and explore all avenues, because where I am is immensely more appealing to me then where I was last year.

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"putting money in the
bank for a rainy day" is a quote
i often hear in recovery each time
i make a meeting or applying my
program to my everyday life.

Sounds like that's what ur doing
Gypsy Feet to get u were u r
today. Working ur program each
day to live a more happier life
than before.

I can certainly sense that in ur
writing. Good Job..!
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I do see the continual need to be treating my addiction disorder. That means learning recovery skills that lead to a necessary psychical transformation. Each day is a day of discovery. I unravel old patterns of living based from my addicted past and replace those old dysfunctions with new coping skills. I'm relieved to know that recovery is achieved by having new healthy behaviors gleaned from practicing a daily addiction treatment plan.
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Sharon I work daily on my program, I have heard of it compared to peeling an onion, as I shed the old and move forward I find another layer of self that I need to be willing to work on. Spiritual progress and not perfection I have found to be the path I pursue, perfection is just to frustrating and I have learned not possible any how!
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Hey Sharon, I have recently come out of dtox and am in an intensive outpatient program. I've come to terms and am willing to learn!!! But damn it's hard! The urges are still there...but sites like these def help when I'm in the mood to drink, right about now...I have IOP tomorrow to...they give urine tests, that def helps me stay sober! I just want to continue to be sober afterwards, for myself, and not the program. I like what you wrote! Thanks!!!
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