Mother going into treatment facility - need advice

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I pray today will go well for both of you!
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Friday went as planned. It actually went surprisingly well. Though her BP was really high and she was shaking a bit, which I assume was related to withdrawal.

I tried to be nice and bring Diet Coke for her, but caffeine is forbidden (doh!).

Sunday is family day so I'll be going to visit. They also have an al anon meeting and an addiction education lecture, which will both be a first for me.

I'm kind of nervous to see how she's doing as it'll be 48 hours into her detox.
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Caffiene can affect high BP and high BP is one of the big issues during detox. This is a good thing, I have seen detox/rehab places that basically just throw you on a bed and let you dry out. I am glad she got in OK and in what appears to be a good place.

Keep posting and remember this is her recovery, you cannot make it successful, you do not have that much power.
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