i want to run from this dis-EASE

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i want to run from this dis-EASE

I ate too much last night, i ate too much today...and i've smoked cigarettes heavily...i feel like a blob, an overstuffed turkey...and it feels like there's no time--like there's no time to do anything, no time left in the day. this is one of the manifestations of the discomfort that comes to me and that lives inside of me. I don't feel like using or drinking right now, but i want to run from this dis-EASE inside of me.

I feel a little better already, am going to a meeting shortly.

I'll try to focus on my breath and to better stay in today. break things down into just this day: and not feeling like i need to get anything accomplished....I just need to go to a meeting, love people, and receive the love that the universe continually pours out to me and all of us.
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Red face

Thanks for your post as I've been feeling the same today. Smoked a cigarette and ate way to much yesterday and today. We are still sober even if we aren't the perfect specimens we think we should be. All I have to do is make sure it doesn't carry over to tommorow and call a friend.:uzi2:
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Hang in there Kspalsh.
Good on you for reaching out. Keep doing that.
We both know where this type of feeling can lead us.
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"and it feels like there's no time--like there's no time to do anything, no time left in the day"

I feel like that right now. I'm going to take a walk. Be kind to yourself.

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Copied and pasted from another post of mine. If I have to have a primary, chronic, progressive, and fatal disease (if not treated), I guess I'm thankful I'm an alcoholic. All I have to do is not pick up and I can recover even if I can't be cured. I could have some terrible malignant cancer or Lew Gerig's disease or something. There's a lot of people out there that have it a whole lot worse than do the recovering/recovered alcoholic/addict. I guess, all things considered, I'm grateful.

I guess I'm one of the fortunate ones, quit drugs and smoking 23 years ago, am now sober. I'm eating to much but I've got diet and exercise in my plans. If I'min for a dime might as well be in for a dollar.
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