I need to try.

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I need to try.

Hey all im new here, i don't have any luck stopping my addiction to mj, but i am really trying to stop. I dont have time to go to N/A meetings and i would love to have days clean. My friends all smoke mj and i am not, lets say pressured, i just want to smoke so i do. After i just feel bad about myself and that i am wasting my time/life doing this. So this is how i stumbled apon this website, and hopefully is a gateway for me to succedd and be cleaaaaan =]
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Welcome to Sober Recovery. Realizing that you want to be clean is a huge step. My advise would be to keep it simple. Keep saying no then go do something else.

It is a mind thing. For me anyway.
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welcome aboard keep...

make, find, rearange time to get to a meeting if you can...

this place is good help, just aint nothing like a real live face to face meeting with others of our kind...

good wishes keep

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Welcome to our community, Keep
my DOC was also weed and for me the mental part was a toughie
good for you for desiring to be clean
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I dont have time to go to N/A meetings and i would love to have days clean.

Rearranging your time, as suggested, might be worth considering.

If you ever reach the point where you want to stay clean just a tiny bit more than you want to use, the NA meetings will be ready and waiting.
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Welcome to a great place for support and understanding. Take it one day at a time and just don't use for today.

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Welcome keep. I smoked for a long time then just quit on my birthday 5 years ago. Mj is unlike boozing in that you don't usually do real stupid things that you regret. You will need to find other things that are of interest to you. Good luck. We are all here to support you.
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Welcome! There are so many great people here, that are in so many stages of recovery.
Stay, ready & post often. This is my recovery place. Maybe you can start make it yours. Good luck!
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