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Withdrawal from binge drinking

Hi everyone I'm 21, at uni in the uk and just came off a weeklong party of shenanigans. I have binge-drinked every night from friday the 19th till saturday night, ie the 27th of this month. Now I have a high tolerance, so it takes me quite a bit more than my friends to get drunk. I mean they have a few beers, and I've polished off a litre of vodka.

I didnt go out on the 28th i.e last night and i'm having withdrawal attacks. I've had about 3 so far, in fact im comng off one now that still hasnt fully stopped. So far it's been nausea, rapid eye movement, feeling very hot, constant shaking even when the 'major' attacks arent happening, a very very clouded mind, sweating like a pig out of nowhere, insomnia etc. I know these are the symptoms because after finishing last year at university and coming off a similar bingedrinking week(maybe slightly toned down), i had one such attack. Right in front of my parents.

Anyways, heres my question. is it often that people get these symptoms after a relatively short period of heavy drinking? i mean i havent drunk everyday for years and years, in fact i was actually quite sober this summer back home. If it is common, how long will it last? I'm trying to keep calm about it at the moment. Thanks guy.
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You need to go to the Dr. immediately. What you are describing is indeed alcohol withdrawal and you can die from it. Alcohol withdrawal is much more dangerous than opiate withdrawal for example, with a much higher death rate.

This is nothing to mess around with, I don't care how young you are or how long you have been drinking.
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Withdrawal varies from person to person...please be safe when detoxing. Check out the stickies at the top of the Alcoholism forum...it goes something like Quitting--what we did and what to expect.

I'm not an expert, so I cannot answer your question. Please talk to your doctor and please go to the emergency room/hospital if you get bad or are bad. Whatever you do, make sure someone knows what's going on with you. I wish you well.
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Please do check with your dr.

I'm glad you are seeking support and information.
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Hello again...
I just replied to your other post in our Alcoholism Forum.
Please check there ...
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