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Smile getting better

Today is day 6 being sober. I am beginning to feel that there is hope afterall. I may actually regain my health after abusing my body to this disgusting degree.
Just 10 days ago, I felt stuck. I did not think I could improve things for myself. Amazing what a few days with a clear head can do. I do not want to poison my body any longer with booze and bad diet. I am 43 years old. My life is at least half over. Wouldn't it be great to do all the things I have dreamed about in the second half? To live inside a body that is healthy and capable? My parents left this world early due to abuse, excess and basically not taking care their bodies. If you don't have yourself, you have nothing. Have a nice day and keep on keeping on.
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That was a wonderful and very true post.

Congratulations on being 6 days sober. 6 days is HUGE!

Welcome to SR!
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Congrats on 6 days! Keep on moving forward :atv A brand new way of life lies before the real journey begins...
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We're day six siblings.

Every day to come is a chance to fix ourselves up right and build a good life. We just keep making small efforts and eventually we'll have a big reward.
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Hey, enill! Welcome to SR!
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Congrats on six days sober!! It's a great start to a better life. Just keep taking it one day, one hour, one minute at a time. You can beat this addiction and we'd love to help you do it!


Where is Soldotna in relation to Wasilla? My brother used to live there - was there for 25 years - and I got to visit him for two glorious weeks in '96. I've never seen such a beautiful place as Alaska. He did tell me tho, that Alaska has very high rates of alcoholism, and domestic/child/spousal abuse, due to being so remote and wild and isolated. I did notice an enormous number of bars out in the wilderness and lots of alcohol-related trash along all the roads, no matter how remote the area. But it was the most beautiful wild place I've ever seen. I hope it stays beautiful and wild, since it's our last wilderness.
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