Car Problems

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Car Problems

So, my car decided to conk out tonight. It won't start. Jumping it seems to get it going, but it won't restart if I stop the engine. It's probably the alternator, or maybe an old battery. The battery isn't ancient, by any means, but it's getting close to the end of its recommended service life. It definitely doesn't seem to hold a charge.

I seriously don't need this. I live paycheck-to-paycheck, thanks to my crummy photographer job, and I can't afford to have another major car repair bill. I just paid $1400 last summer to have the engine fixed when oil started leaking from the head gasket. I pretty much wiped out my savings up to that point.

I took a company vehicle home tonight- that solved the immediate problem. I know I'll be able to get to work tomorrow. What the crap am I going to do about my lame, unstartable Chevy, though? Maybe I'll kick it a few times. My technological skills are lacking, but violence may do the trick. Oh, yes.

Hmm. I should probably find some way to tie this into addiction. That's the reason why this board exists, afterall.

Okay. The fact is, I can't deal with stress. Car problems = stress. Alcohol eliminates short-term stress, at the expense of long-term physical and mental health. Therefore, despite the damage done to my long-term health, I'm drinking beer in order to escape the problems caused by my stupid Chevy Cavalier and its non-functional battery/alternator. The problems will still exist in the morning, without a doubt, but I don't have to think about it right now. I've given myself a reprieve. Oh, yes.

End transmission.
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is it a reprieve tho?

you're not doing anything bout the Chev, you're reinforcing to yourself that you can't handle stress and can't deal with crap without're digging yourself a little deeper into the cess pool, bear runner...

You haven't eliminated anything...just pushed it away a little at best...but I bet you're still thinking about that damn car anyway, aren't ya?

I get it. I did it myself for a lot of years - but they're all just excuses - some are better than others but they're all still excuses.

There are better ways to deal with stress, ways that don't 'take' so much.

Hope you stick around - this is a good place to be
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First, even the ones that say you don't have to remove the caps sometimes need to be checked. Get some distilled water, and some UNCOATED aspirin (generic cheap brand, lol). Put one aspirin in each cell of the battery, fill up to line with distilled water, put caps back on.

Put a trickle charger on battery, however, when you first fire up the charger do 5 minutes at 10 amp to break the surface charge on the battey, then drop down to 2amp trickle charge overnight.

That should charge the battery. Then after driving a few days if it is not holding a charge it is either a 'dead cell' in the battery or the alternator. If you have an Auto Zone near you they are more than happy to check it for you, at no charge.

yes the above does work on a battery. Have done it many times on an older battery whose cells are still good..

Yes, it's stressful, but not unsurmountable, again just take One Step At A Time. Ask at work, if you don't have a trickle charger, if someone has a battery charger you can borrow.

Hope that helps,
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Bear Runner - I was really enjoying your post until you said you were drinking a beer and then my heart just sunk. Damn. Of course you can deal with stress! We all do. Some people on here have had people they love died and got through it without a beer, pretty small compared to your car dying. I hope you get back up and try again. A beer isn't a good solution to getting your car up and running again. I thought the below was a much better way to handle the stress:

Maybe I'll kick it a few times. My technological skills are lacking, but violence may do the trick. Oh, yes.
I have kicked more than my fair share of junker cars and felt much better.........
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I'm sorry you've chosen a proven stress-increaser to temporarily reduce the stress. A beer may reduce your 'feeling the stress' but will only add to your stress after the numbing effects have worn off.

I am very bad at handling stress and I'm well aware of it. I'm going thru physical illness, financial troubles, and family problems - but I cannot let myself run to the bottle over it. Drinking will only make it worse, and I know that and I think you know that also.

I hope and pray you'll find another, less harmful way of dealing with your current stressors. Please don't abuse your body and mind over a damn car! It's just not worth it.

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hi bearrunner welcome to SR, stick around here and keep reading and posting.

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Get the car started however you can. When it's running disconnect the negative battery cable. If it continues to run it's the battery. If it dies it's the Alternator or the voltage regulator.
I'll bet on the battery from the way it sounds. $29.99 with an exchange will get you another one that will last a couple years.
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Hi and welcome to SR. Quick diagnosis is stress free and lets you know were you stand. Get down to a local mechanic and ask if they can use a voltmeter to test the charge from the alternator (should be around 12-14 volts) If the alternator is kicking out a good charge then all signs point to your battery. Good luck!
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