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Thank you so much Barb! Its nice to know how you do it still.

"So now, everyday I have to admit my powerlessness. I have to remind myself everyday that I'm an alcoholic. I now live "one day at a time" and that is what works for me along with the help of AA."

I need to start doing that also. I need to stop counting the days as much and start living one day at a time. Any ways thank you for sharing your story - part 2.

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everything is already ok
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thanks Scaredy

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Thanks for sharing your ESH. :ghug3
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Thank you for your story Barb, hope you are doing well
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Thanks for sharing your story, Barb.
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Attitude of Gratitude
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Thanks for sharing your story with us, Barb. I know for me, it helps so if and when one of us family members come here with a problem,we have a little better understanding of the person.

I couldn't help but chuckle when I read where you wrote that you would sit at the computer with your rum and coke, researching AA related topics. That was like looking in a mirror . . . right down to the contents of the glass. I used to joke that the Bacardi Company should send me promo tshirts to wear, advertising that I was a faithful Bacardi rum drinker. As I look back, boy, that wouldn't have been good advertising on their part. Can you imagine people looking at the falling down, drooling, argumentative, crying one minute, laughing the next drunk? Now, who's gonna want to drink what I was drinking? Surely no one would look at me and think, "I wanna be just like her." Yikes!

I also am a cat lover. I have had cats since I was in kindergarten. As a matter of fact, my very first cat's name was Tammy.

I'm glad that I have gotten to know you a little bit better. Keep doing what you're doing for yourself, sounds like you are definately on the right track now.

Keep It Simple . . . One Day at A Time,
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Hi scaredykat, I appreciate you sharing yourself with us.

We are on this journey together......

hope and love

hope3 :praying
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Community Greeter
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Barb, I too have almost 8 mos. after a holiday time relapse - so I know just how you feel. It's amazing that we continue on with it even when the thrill is long gone. We still have plenty of time left to work on fixing all the bad things that happened as a result of our addiction. I feel like I grow a little every day I'm without it, I finally am getting to know me. THANKS for sharing all your ups & downs with us. The fact that you made it through the deaths of your two babies shows just how far you've come - when we can get through all of life's challenges without picking up, we grow strong & resilient. Love, Joanie
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Thank you for telling your story, it was very helpful to me.
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Wow, what an inspirational story! The internet can be great, can't many helpful and supportive people
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IO Storm
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I can the relapses, that is for sure. I am so glad you made it

back, and you made it to SR. Isn't SR great? And you are great!

Bless you Barb, you are a miracle.

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IO Storm
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Oh, and..AA is great too!
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