What to expect from a sponsor

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What to expect from a sponsor

I have a sponsor and she is very nice and I enjoy talking to her but I don't know how often and what subject we should cover. I am a bit unsure of what the relationship should be. I hear people say you work steps with your sponsor but we have only met once to discuss step one and two. Currently I haven't seen her in two weeks or talked to her directly just two phone tags.
Can someone give me some guidance?
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To me it sounds like you would have a hard time reaching her if an emergency came up. I hope you have the numbers of other people you could call for help.

If you can reach your sponsor of course you should ask her to clarify what the plan is. If you can never reach her, I don't think that's going to work out very well.
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there are aa and na pamphlets about sponsors.
Bascally it is someone you have chosen to help you through the steps. Thats it. A relationship may develop beyond that, but as your sponsor they are not there to rescue you or give you emaotional or any kind of counselling.

I suggest you also talk to other members and get ther numbers.

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Hi SweetNovember

My first sponsor and I only met about once a week to go to mtgs and to see how I was doing with what we call the prescription. The prescription was reading the Big Book, praying, going to AA, sitting in front and not sharing till my fifth step. During our mtg he would point out people who had good sobriety and suggested I got their numbers as well. I called him when I had questions about the Big Book or if I was in crisis. By getting the numbers he suggested and by using them I surrounded myself with strong sobriety. During all this we worked the steps together.

I have a new sponsor now that I meet with once a week to read the BB together and to go over anything that may have come up. We call to confirm our time.

Both sponsors took me through the steps and made time for me that was what they were supposed to do. Both had different ways of working the steps.

Any guidance I can give would be to talk with your sponsor. I would call her for another week and see whats up and if you get nothing get someone else. I mean this is your life you’re talking about and its all about action. I’m sure by tomorrow your thread will be loaded with helpful suggestions there are some very kind and knowledgeable folks here on SR. Good Luck
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My sponcer , and I get together every week and go through the BB working the steps as we go. He also expects to hear from me dayly. In which we have discussed pretty much every facet of our lives. He says That I help him more then he helps me. With my insanity his life is pretty simple. lol Any way I guess we just have that kind of relationship where I can tll him anything. To me that is what a sponcer should be.
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Please look on the literature rack
in most meetings you will find
the official AA guideline.

"Questions and Answers on Sponsorship"

When I take a sponsee ..we sit down
and read it together.
Then discuss our plan of action.

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