Feeling Nervous!!!

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Feeling Nervous!!!

I've feeling really nervous today. I get to go tonight and pick up my kids and bring them to my moms and stay with them there until Tuesday night (I go into rehab Wed). My husband will be at work when I pick them up so I won't see him.

My 5 year old wouldn't even get on the phone and talk to me for the last two days. I'm not comfortable going to my moms because how she is treating me, but I have no choice because my husband won't let me take them to the friend's house that I have been staying at, even though it is a safe environment.

When I get into town, I have to go to my old job (a bar) to pick up my check. I'm nervous about that, but there isn't anyone else that can pick it up and it's something that needs done today so some of the bills can get paid.

I'll be picking up the kids at our house. I hate even walking in there since I know that I am not allowed back there, and by the time I get out of treatment and a halfway house that my husband and the kids will have moved to a cheaper place. I know I'm going to lose it as soon as I get home, and there's nothing I can do about that, I am a very emotional person. I really don't want to do that in front of the kids.

I just feel like there are a ton of bricks laying on my shoulders and all I can do is my part and try with everything in my power to get better. There are so many things (like my husband) that is just out of my control. Thanks for listening.

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4 days sober.....

I was afraid to walk the dogs or go to the mailbox at 4 days. It gets better.

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:) Just For Today! :)
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Welcome Amanda,

You have to "let go and let God" and you will be amazed at how things will turn around. We don't have control, "We are powerless..." (Step 1). We didn't become addicted in one day, so it can't get fixed in one day but I promise things do get better when you talk to your HP and continue to spend time with recovering addicts.
Keep coming back and posting.
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Welcome Amanda,

You are not alone...Keep posting,

We are happy you are here...
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Hi Amanda, IMO you're doing the right thing and you can feel pride in that. Try to stay in the present and not project, so that you don't feel too scared. You can do it and are doing something about it, well done you. Hope all goes well.
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you can go get your check ...
but you don't ever have to go into a bar again.
you can go get your kids ..
but you don't ever have to go back to that way of living again.

you can do it ...
when you remember that you're not going to go BACK to anything.

maybe looking at things that way will help here in the early early stages.

"when I changed the way I looked at things ..
the things I looked at .. changed."
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