30 days

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30 days

I made it so far… Yesterday, just before this milestone, I really had the worst cravings ever… It seemed like Satan has made his personal hobby-project out of trying to ruin my attempt to sobriety: I friend passed by with a bottle of Champagne, for no obvious reason… He doesn’t now I have a problem with drinking and doesn’t know about my attempts to quit… So, it was not easy to resist, but I could…

I’m lingering on this site since the beginning of 2006. After a huge drinking episode on 31-12-2005, I had decided to quit drinking in 2006. Since then, there was a chain of quitting, relapsing, quitting, relapsing… But for now, 30 days is may longest time sober since my first glass of alcohol. I’m doing ok for now.

But people say I look tired…

And sometimes there are those moments of being bored that in the past I used to bridge by drinking…

And there is the question how long I will be able to pretend (to my friends) that I temporarily cannot drink because I take medication…

But my stomach-pain or liverpain (I don’t know, although my doc. didn’t found anything wrong in my blood nor on CT-scan) is nearly gone…

An I’m seem to be able to make plans for the future again…

And finally it just feels good to be feel reality like it is meant to feel…

I haven’t been sober for such a long time in years….

It helps to look back at the first posts of those people here with 1 or 2 years of sobriety. And, sad but true, reading horror-stories of alcohol-abuse helps as well…

There are some people whose efforts I track especially, because they seem to have found this site around the same period as me. So, c’est la vie, you better not disapoint me by relapsing… ;-)

How did people ever get sober in the pre-internet times(*)?


(*) I'm not ready to do the AA-thing...
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HEY!!!!! 30 days is AWESOME!!! You should be very proud of yourself. There are other methods for stying sober besides AA, although AA is the path I choose. I love it!!! You are doing good so far. Just do tomorrow what you did today and you will be ok!!!!

Take Care, Have a beautifully sober day!
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30 days.....good for you !!!!
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Trying to do the right thing.
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Way to go Bladrick...any relation to blackadder ...? Congrats on your clean time...
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