Tips on sleep

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Tips on sleep

I just got done reading about sleep in my psychology book. It gives advice on how to help deal with sleeping disorders. It says that sleeping pills can make things worse because they reduce REM sleep (the deepest sleep stage) and also lead to a tolerance, causing an increase in dosage is needed to be effective.

Here are the tips as listed in the book:

Exercise regularly but not in the late evening. Late afternoon is best.

Avoid caffeine, especially in the afternoon or later, and avoid food and drink near bedtime. The exception would be a glass of milk. (I often do this)

Relax before bedtime, using dimmer lights

Sleep on a regular schedule by waking up at the same time each day even after a restless night of sleep. Avoid taking naps.

Reassure yourself that a temporary loss of sleep causes no great harm. Many people with insomnia overestimate-by double the amount-how long it takes to fall asleep. They also underestimate by nearly half how long hey actually have slept. Even if we have been awake only and hour or two, we may think we have had very little sleep, because it's the waking part we remember.

If all else fails, settle for less sleep, either going to bed later or waking up earlier.
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