Melatonin Precautions

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Melatonin Precautions

We have a lot of topics on Melatonin on this forum so I wanted to post this link for information on safety. Many of our forum members have a risk of liver disease so I think the information is important.

Melatonin Safety
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Some more things to be aware of:

Melatonin - Mayo Clinic
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Wow, thank you so much for posting this, I had no idea. I have been taking melatonin for several weeks now, and have been struggling with depression lately. I am going to stop taking it starting today.
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There is a major problem with melatonin that I have suffered and thought would be wise to share - in that if you take it for too long your body forgets how to produce melatonin. You can become dependent on it much easier than you think, like most things, it is a powerful hormone that is released in the body. Use it with respect and for no longer than 3-4 days max in my opinion.

It can also trigger very vivid nightmares in some. The reason for this is interlinked with how it can cause depression, as melatonin is synthesised to serotonin, and after long term use you deplete yourself of it as your brain starts to compensate for the extra available.

Many think that this is a very safe, simple and harmless "supplement" when in fact it is actually a very powerful hormone that the body produces naturally. Don't mess around with this stuff unless you absolutely have to!
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Glad to have seen this, I had no idea.
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I am today taking melatonin, but under the supervision of my naturopath - after we did full blood work and took efforts to get other imbalances corrected first. primarily my cortisol levels were way out of whack, along with my ability to absorb basics like protein, calcium, vitamin D. after 6 months of dietary changes and carefully monitored supplements, blood work indicated my melatonin levels were still very low. in my case melatonin is currently helping me to sleep better (or less awful)...but it's not a cure by any means. our bodies are very complex organisms and must be treated as a whole to achieve balance and health. had I 8 months ago grabbed some melatonin off the shelf it would have done NO good whatsoever.
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Guess its a good thing melatonin never worked for me then.. My doctor suggested I take in conjunction with my sleeping medication. Seemed a little much for me.
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Melatonin recently gave me huge headaches, so I shelved it.
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Melatonin is naturally released through the pituitary gland and is controlled by the circadian function. Circadia function is less well understood and it was not until 2001 that Scientists discovered the connection between the ganglion retinal cells (3rd photoreceptor) in us and circadian function.

What does this mean - light triggers circadian function. When you wake in the morning there is more blue light and this will activate the pituitary gland to release more cortisol. Your energy levels will be higher. Conversely more red in the light will activate your 3rd photoreceptor and trigger more seratonin/melatonin to be released making you more tired and prepared for sleep.

Taking an over the counter melatonin product goes through your liver and is like taking oral version of hunman growth hormone. Any benefits are destroyed by the acid and liver and the efficacy is non existent. Sorry but this seems to be another get rich scheme by drug companies and we don't know the exert of the side effects. Further these products are not regulated by the FDA and you have no idea what you are infact ingesting.
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I take sublingual melatonin spray and I have tried sleeping without it for months and it was the worst time for me. I started taking again because it's just absurd to not sleep when this works so well for me (combined with other supplements).
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Same here. I've tried just about everything out there for my sleep issues. The only thing that works is I sleep during the day. I don't have much trouble sleeping during the day. I can't figure that one out.
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Melatonin helped me sleep but it made me angry all day. It wasn't worth it at all for me.
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It helps me to get about 2 -3 hours of sleep every 2nd night or so. My sleep doctor prescribed it. I also take 2 Benadryl at night at bedtime. I was told with the longer daylight hours to go off of the melatonin come May. I tried going off the Benadryl for a week and didn't sleep at all for a whole week. We'll see.
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Thanks for the warnings
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Thank you MG
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