I am grateful to be 3 days sober and...

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I am grateful to be 3 days sober and... have woken up at 8am and gotten out of bed in 15 minutes, instead of getting out of bed at 11am.

And my dog was grateful to be walked before noon.

Oh, and i'm actually going to cook something healthy for dinner tonight - curry lentil pumpkin soup.

thanks for listening and being here.
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Wow Kass! That's a lot on your third day sober!
I'm so happy you're feeling some benefits so soon in your sobriety. It's so reinforcing!
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I hope you will continue on SR site. We are all rooting for you and know you want Sobriety. This is a very good place to find it, make friends, and, like me, hear what you need to hear on a daily basis. I have recently made it a great part of my daily routine. It took me a while to realize the Disease factor but it makes much sense. I hope you consider, along with SR Website, attending AA and trying to find a Sponsor. Much luck to you Kassandra and keep coming back!! It works and it's really the easier and softer way. You are no longer alone on journey to continuing Sobriety.
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How are you doing Kassandra?
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Hi Kassandra,

How is your day going? If you are sober, Great!, if you need more help and to talk, we are here for you. Many start over before the Miracle happens...we support you either way!! Best of luck, Ipanema
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Keep it up Kassandra, I remember being at the 3 day sobriety stage just this time last year. Every day is a battle, so just keep at it. By the way, curry lentil pumpkin soup sounds like something I would totally cook!
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Keep up the good work! That dinner sounds interesting, I will have try it!
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