I am Gr8ful for the love from my church

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I am Gr8ful for the love from my church

My church found out about my meth addiction. Throughout it all they still love me hen they found out. For that i am truely grateful. They are my rock as well as my wife. I am also grateful that my wife has given me another chance. The first time she found the drug in the house she was furious and threghtened to leave me. I promised her I would quit and went through an outpatient treatment program. That didn't work out. I got caught again with meth in the house. Some of the pasters and elders in my church were very disappointed in me again but they still loved me when they found out. Today their love keeps me straight another day. The hurt and disappointment I caused them I can never take back. They are truelu Jesus with skin on.

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I sort of went through a similar situation back in 1991, my pastor strongly suggested I got thru an inhouse treatment center, which I did. I was on meth from 1985-1991 roughly, and let me tell you I have no desire to go back. I believe I was delivered from that wicked drug. My latest struggle was a conscious decision I made and now have 31 days clean and sober. I told my pastor on Sunday. he prayed for me and told me he loved me. my husband loves me too. We do have a lot to be grateful for. I pray you would get all of the support you need. my pastor suggested me to confide a Godly woman in the church I can call on when I need prayer. Perhaps you should do the same. I also go to regular AA meeting and have gotten a sponsor.

God bless! in Christ, Sheila <><
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I have a hard time going to AA & NA meetings. They really don't do a thing for my recovery to be honest. I get my strength throught Celebrate Recovery. With my drug addicted behavior I need spiritual guidance. I am a gratefull recoverying alcoholic with over 18 years soberity. I have been to 2 meetings in the last 17 years. The only reason I went back then was to preach about Gods salvation. That didn't take to well at the meetings. At my church I have alot of support from my friends and closet confidants. For me meth would have been my downfall. It was dragging me down deeper and deeper. The paranoia was there, the weight loss, my teeth were getting bad. You are right it is one drug that I never want to go back to. I concider it the devils drug. Thanks for you input Sheila.

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AA and NA are good programs but like you I would feel better at he CR meetings.
We can still gather what works from AA and NA all the same. When others say HP, I transfer it in my thoughts right way to hear the Lord or Jesus in my mind.
It is good to read that you find CR works well. It is a young program but I see it as a sound program and one I like seeing about.
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