Recovery is lonely today.

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Recovery is lonely today.

Husband worked overtime, then went to an AA meeting. Which is awesome. But it is from 8-9, so he'll get home about 9:30. We've been trying to get the kiddo on a sleep schedule, so at that time I will be in bed with him trying to get him to sleep. It's a win if I succeed by 10 pm. Then I'll have to make supper. And after that I am taking a freaking shower, I haven't had a chance for too long now and I just finished getting the towels off the laundry line so I have clean towels YAY. Which I am going to fold as soon as I'm done here. But after the shower I really need to go to bed. I'm glad my husband is doing what he needs to do to help support his family & work on his recovery, but it makes life lonely some days.
Kiddo just decided to take a break from playtime & attack me, which reminded me that he seriously needs a bath. So I get to add that to the list.
Someone on facebook that I don't super care for, but talk to occasionally, invited me to a Moms day out next Friday night. It will be awkward (I'm so socially inept its ridiculous) & probably mostly women that are a lot older than me, but it's walking distance and it will be a good chance for me to make an effort at finding friends. And it will be good to have an opportunity to get out of the house.
That's all. Husband is 30+ days sober, finished his outpatient treatment, continuing with aftercare, back at work full time, moved back into the house (not 100% okay with that, but we have a spare room I sleep in when I need some space) so life is going about as well as it can right now.
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Perhaps he could make dinner when he gets home from the meeting?

Being a new mom is hard enough, it's not unreasonable to ask the other parent to carry half the load.

Hope you find some quality "you" time.

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He will probably help finish putting the kiddo to bed (he can't by himself since I am a human teddy bear to our son...Baby steps. Fix the bedtime, fix where he is sleeping, fix me being his security blanket) He will have to help make supper if he wants anything good. I bought groceries the other day though, and wanted to have decent food for supper, but we just haven't both been home early enough to make anything (I went to an AA meeting with him last night). So I am at a point where I just want that normal suppertime & routine, and it's hard to get. He will very easily settle for cereal for supper if it is late & we are tired.
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Sadwife, I am wishing you comfort, and rest, and ease for your loneliness. Good that hubby is doing what he needs to do. good that you are a good person, doing what you need to do, even if it is taking up some of the slack alone.

how precious that you have a little guy who wants his momma to snuggle him to sleep. they grow up much too quickly, and you will miss that terribly when he does grow up.

I think it is brave of you to try new things, even if not ideal, there may be some really nice things to come out of it. I hope you have fun. gotta put something in, when you are giving so much out.

hugs to you.
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