Higher Power as a Source

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Higher Power as a Source

Monday, March 4, 2013

You are reading from the book The Language of Letting Go

Higher Power as a Source

I've learned I can take care of myself, and what I can't do, God will do for me.
—Al-Anon member

God, a Higher Power as we understand Him, is our source of guidance and positive change. This doesn't mean we're not responsible for ourselves. We are. But we aren't in this alone.

Recovery is not a do-it-yourself project. We don't have to become overly concerned about changing ourselves. We can do our part, relax, and trust that the changes we'll experience will be right for us.

Recovery means we don't have to look to other people as our source to meet our needs. They can help us, but they are not the source.

As we learn to trust the recovery process, we start to understand that a relationship with our Higher Power is no substitute for relationships with people. We don't need to hide behind religious beliefs or use our relationship with a Higher Power as an excuse to stop taking responsibility for ourselves and taking care of ourselves in relationships. But we can tap into and trust a Power greater than ourselves for the energy, wisdom, and guidance to do that.

Today, I will look to my Higher Power as a source for all my needs, including the changes I want to make in my recovery.
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Super timely for me, thank you. Really hits the spot.

Inspires me to go to my One Day at a Time and Courage to Change books to read today's entries too.

I just started step 1 in Al Anon this weekend, so I'm all about this topic and really appreciate you sharing this as I don't have that particular book.

I can't, but God CAN!
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I've learned I can take care of myself, and what I can't do, God will do for me.
—Al-Anon member
This knowledge alone saved my bacon. I cannot change or save my son, but each morning I say a prayer and ask God to take care of him, to do for him what I cannot do. I pray and then trust, and embrace the beauty in the day knowing God's got it covered.

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