OT-Hubby got a job:)

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OT-Hubby got a job:)

Finally after 18 months of unemployment and jobs here and there, my husband got another golf course super's job. It is about 120 miles northwest of where we live, but it is still in Michigan. We will be having a long distance relationship for the next couple of years, (I can't move with him until the end of the next school year because I need the years to get full retirement) but I am glad that he will finally be back in the profession that he loves. Hugs, Marle
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Marle, that is superfantabulous
I am so happy for you and your family.
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Great news Marle!!
Tell your hubby congrats.

I know that gives both of you peace of mind!!
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Very cool. Congrats to all.
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Oh Marle, I know how difficult this has been with the employment situation! :ghug :ghug

Please give your hubby congrats from this old gal in Kansas!

PS. Extra ear scritchies for your fur kids too!
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Fabulous news.
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That is FANTABULOUS!! I hate that it's so far away, but it's not uncommon these days, and it's something he loves!!!

Hugs and prayers!

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Marle, That's fantastic news!!! I know exactly what it's like. My H lost his job 1/2008, oh yea he's got another job but it is not in his profession, and doesn't pay nearly as much as he made before.

So Congrat's to your H. & Hugs to you.
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I think it`s wonderful news too.

The distance may draw you closer. For several years my husband worked about 6 months a year in Alberta (oil) while I lived in Ontario, and our visits when we had time off were fun and refreshing and it gave us each space as well, to just do things we like to do when we were apart.

You can talk on the phone several times a day and it won`t seem like he is gone and if this is all leading to retirement, it`s got to be well worth the effort.

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I'm so glad for him and for you Marle. I know it's struggle but you have been so positive and graceful about it...Your recovery shows in every aspect of your life.

If you get lonely for a conversation with a man, I will send my husband...for however long you wish.
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GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Really wonderful news, Marle! So....I guess this means you will need to learn how to use Skype?

Hugs, HG
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Just wonderful, Marle...wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!

Just told a friend that when I'm whining about my job, God reminds me real quick like that there are lots of folks who would love a job! Always good for me to practice my attitude of gratitude.

So happy for both of y'all!

Hangin' In
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Congratulations to him!
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Yeah!!! I'm so glad he was lucky enough to find one he truley loves.
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