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3 years ago

So I joined SR 3 years ago when my husband was on a crack binge. SR really helped me to realize I did not want to be co-dependent. SR helped me to detach, and kick his butt out of the house. He got arrested and we were apart for 2 years.

Right now, he's sleeping after working the midnight to eight shift. We had his grandchildren sleep over the weekend, and are going to his mom's tonight for dinner. Today, he is not using drugs.

Of course, I hope this lasts. Of course, I am always a little on guard.

On a side note, how can I access those posts I wrote in 2006?
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Welcome home.

And oh yeah, I hear you on the " just for today".

I was not around here in 2006. My sense is that posting history was lost during a conversion or upgrade, a very common, with Message Boards.
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All my best to you. I hope this good time will last, too. It is best to remain alittle watchful. I never would have caught my sister's ex-boyfriend's methamphetamine if her old days weren't in my mind. My parents told me she was pretty bad, so I wanted to feel she was fine- but I had to be wise.

Some recover forever!

Sorry, I don't know either.
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Glad coming here has ehlped you!! I joined 3 years ago today as well and SR has helped me through the pain to a wonderful, serene place. I've learned how to take better care of me and give others the respect and love by letting them take care of themselves and reap their own benefits.

We had a major crash here sometime ago and all the old posts in this forum were lost. Some folks have found some old links by playing around with Google. I've decided that for me it is just as well that my old ways have disappeared
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