Wrote something... thought i would share

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Wrote something... thought i would share

It's not done yet, haven't gotten the wording exactly right, but I wrote it yesterday as my daughter was sleeping.

My lovely daughter, asleep in your bed, Peace overcomes you, no worries to be had.
As such a young age you will never know how close you had come to losing the only parent who was 100% yours.
Wasn't lost to an addiction before, almost lost to one now.
Able to walk away by the skin of my teeth, ensuring a future for you was within reach.
Life is hard, and times are tough, but with crack, the days fell into nights, and seeing you was always too late.
I can never get back what I've lost, but only move forward without too much cost.
Again your smile makes my heart skip a beat. Again love found for something so sweet.
My heart aches for a future where you don't want for anything, as mommy's love will fill your soul, and your spirit will be free.
Your laughter heals my pain, and your love comforts my every need.
I'm going to be the best mom you need me to be, from this day forward, I promise, you will see.

I'm doing ok today, talked to xabf's mom, and asked about him (grrrr), and that was all hard. My days are easier when I just focus on my dghtr.
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Your & your daughter are "SO" worth it!!!

Hugs to both of you.
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I think that the purest love that anyone can reach
is the love of a child. We look into those crystal clear
eyes and see our own reflection of their absolute trust as
we are their caregivers for such a short time.

I feel the purity of this love in your words for your
this to keep moving forward to a fulfilling life for both of

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