She is struggling.....

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She is struggling.....

This week has been a crazy one for me!! I have been preoccupied and have not really talked to or seen my AD, Lauren, she tried to call me yesterday but I did not answer the phone then went to bed early with my phone on silent, when I got up this morning Lauren had texted call me please but was asleep. I called my mother this morning and Lauren has been there all week. She still has her job!!! But my mother said that Lauren had been struggling for a couple of days so I felt guilty..but I called her and then went to get her and she is with me now. She said she could taste it but has been clean since June, meth was/is her drug of choice. Please say a prayer for her!!!:praying
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Sending prayers for Lauren and for you too, Obsessed. Maybe a meeting would help her. She would be where other people understand what she is going through. Hugs, Marle
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Big prayers coming your way, and Laurens way....
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My prayers too, and I agree that meetings help all of us...them and us.

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Prayers, prayers, prayers. It's so hard having them live at home with you.

And I'm with the others. Maybe both of you can add meetings to your life. That's the only way I've survived all this.

Hangin' In
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Many prayers for you and Lauren.
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Hugs and prayers for both you and your daughter.
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My prayers for you and Lauren. It's a good thing that she called someone, right?? Big hugs, Bonnie
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Big hugs and prayers for you and Lauren.

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Sending prayers
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extra prayers for you and Lauren. Meetings save lives!
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((((Prayers))) for you and Lauren. It was good she called you in her time of need.
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That's great that she still has her job and has been clean since June!
Hugs and Prayers for you and Lauren. :praying
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How fabulous that she is confiding her craving instead of reacting to it.

Mucho prayers coming to you and Lauren, from Chicagoland.
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Prayers for you both, Obsessed.
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Sending more prayers for you and Lauren.

It was a good thing she reached out to you for help, and your Mom.
God Bless her.

Maybe it's a full moon...
My RAD (sober since the beginning of this year) had a rough weekend too...

She could not get a hold of her sponsor, so she called and talked to my husband (sober 6 years).
We should be so proud of our R's when they acknowledge the cravings and not cave in...

My heart breaks for them, but in a good way.

Good for Lauren.
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