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hey all

got a call from my dad the other day and happy to report that everything is going GREAT for him atleast that how it seems, he is out of rehab (got kicked out for punching some sick punk who was into child porn so good for him I would have hit him to) and working for a landscaping company which he says he LOVES and it just so happens everyone he works with are very religious so he is trying to quit swearing

on a side note apperently as long as you don't use the lords name in vain it isn't considered a swear, who knew?

he apologized for not being there me as much as he should have growing up( which really wasn't neccessary I understand the drugs had a hold of him)

AND he encouraged me to write a book about my life and family history and TRUST ME it would sell there is alot of "questionable" history when it comes to that side of my family him being a dealer and an addict wouldn't even be the half of it.

anyway everything is going good right now for him which means everything is good for me to
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Hey, King, it's good to hear things are going better.

Sometimes it's nice to just talk as adults and let the past be the past, and you sound compassionate to remember that he was incapable of giving more than he did when he was in active addiction.

May you both grow in your recovery.

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