Feeling Anxious

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Feeling Anxious

Just feeling a little anxiuous and trying to keep my mouth shut. I can't seem to find the duct tape.
My Rad was invited to the Steeler Game tomorrow. $300. Steeler tickets. Hard to pass up an invite like that. Well, they are leaving early in the morning and going tailgating. That's where my anxious feelings come in at. First of all I'm not thrilled about who she is going with and I know there will be drinking going on. She did day she didn't know what to do about going. She asked me what I thought and I said, "that is up to you, I don't tell you what to do anymore." She said I really want to go, she said she hasn't been to a Steeler game in a very long time. I can understand that, but I worry about the whole party scene.

She's been dancing all over the house since she found out she was invited to go. She's upstairs now getting all of her warm clothes and ski underwear out.
I got her scarves and gloves out. She is really excited.

I don't want to take away from her excitement but I have to admit part of me is not happy about it.

Help me not to lecture her and help me to keep my mouth shut.

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I love the old prayer "Lord, put your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth."

Don't rob her of the lesson, and I have a feeling she'll do just fine.

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Thank you Ann, I am saying that prayer.
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Lobo, I hear is so tough...But let her find her way. She has to figure it out, and somehow I suspect she will. Hugs...Please try not to worry...It will be what it will be. Hugs and prayers for both of you
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The very fact that she expressed a concern about it means she is aware of her disease as well as her recovery. Hopefully she has a sponsor, meetings, etc that she discussed it with too. We (addicts) do have to feel our way around in the real world. Sometimes, seeing a photo of an icy drink on a Ruby Tuesday's menu is a trigger and I think about it all thru the meal. But then working in a place that has tons of drugs available at all times no longer is a trigger at all. We live and we learn and that's good. let us know how she did, though. and how YOU did, too!
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Prayers that the day goes just fine. While she is at the game, find something to keep you busy and tells those negative thoughts to scram. Hugs, Marle
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Rest peacefully Sonny Boy
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Sending lots of hugs and Prayers.

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(((Lobo))) You sound like your in a good place in your recovery right now. Letting her learn on her own. My RAD has been to many Bills games this year. I was a little nervous the first game, but she has been doing just fine. She even comented how if she were still doing drugs she would have missed the whole experence. I hope your daughter has a wonderful time.
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I, too, hope your daughter has a good time.
Try to give her a big smile and hug before she leaves,
and God will take it from there.
For you, a prayer...

Lord, I'm so grateful that You are my partner when trials come my way.
You understand suffering like no one else, and You provide just what I need
to get me through. Thank You, Jesus, for the joy of sharing Your glory one
day soon.

Love ya, Lo.

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I also have the same worry, fretting kind of feelings way back in the deep recesses of my brain...that I try to keep quiet, but sometimes those feelings pop out. I wonder if it's my personality, or lack of trust in my sons H.P., or a control issue.
We seem to forget that's there is someone much better qualified to watch over them, 24/7.

It's that part I sometimes have trouble

It's all going to be alright.
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Thanks everyone,

I know I have to trust in my Rad's HP to carry her through thd day. I want for her to have a good time but the old feelings take over sometimes. I think I always live with that fear hanging over me. You know the what if's. I can't wait until I can come to a place in my life when I can just be carefree and happy about the things that she does. I guess her recovery is still so fresh, that I am always afraid of the other shoe to drop. I know she can sense my anxiety even without words.

Trusting that she won't screw up, trusting that she won't screw up, trusting that she won't screw up.

She did tell me that they asked her to be the designated driver. I hope that she can be. She of course does not have a car, but her friend said she could drive his truck. Keep her in your prayers today.

Thank you girls.............Lo
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Keep us posted Lobo...My prayers for her to stay strong today.
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Well a little update. She just called from the game. Said she is freezing but having a great time.....they just scored when I was talking to her. Said she is still designated driver.

I'll keep you posted girls. Thanks for being her for me today. Back to baking cookies.
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(((((Lobo))))) Thinking of you and your daughter...I hope she had a great time. Hugs and prayers.
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Thank you for ladies for your support today. The only thing bad that happened at the Steeler game was that they lost. RAD was fine and did end up being the designated driver. All is well

Hugs to all............Lo
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Fear and worry never make good companions. Hopefully, you learned from this.
No matter how much we worry it won't change the outcome.
So happy that your RAD is doing just fine.
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sorry I'm late on this, but glad to hear she did great!

Hugs and prayers!

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Glad things went well
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Glad all is well, what progess!!! (both of ya!)
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