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Each daya new beginning reading

Todays readoing means alot to me, particularly with my growth over the last year SO I wanted to share

Sunday, December 9, 2007
You are reading from the book Each Day a New Beginning

To do nothing is failure. To try, and in the trying you make some mistakes and then you make some positive changes as a result of those mistakes, is to learn and to grow and to blossom.
--Darlene Larson Jenks

Life is a process, one that is continuously changing. And with each change, we are offered unexpected opportunities for growth. Change is what fosters our development as women. It encourages us to risk new behavior and may even result in some mistakes. Fortunately, no mistakes can seriously hinder us. In fact, most mistakes give us an additional opportunity to learn.

Where we stand today is far removed from our position last year, or even last week. Each and every moment offers us new input that influences any decision from this moment forward. The process that we're participating in guarantees our growth as long as we remain conscious of our opportunities and willingly respond to them. We can be glad that the life process is, in fact, never static. always moving, always inviting us to participate fully.

I will have the courage to make a mistake today. It's a promise of growth.
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We make some mistakes, yes, but would any of us want to go back to where we were when we found this forum? I think not.

There can be no progress without change.

Good reading, Cindi!

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In fact, most mistakes give us an additional opportunity to learn.
This one is a tough one for me sometimes. I tend to beat myself up pretty well when I mess up. If I know I am taking a chance and it doesn't go well, I'm okay, but when I think I should get it right, I forget that there is probably a new opportunity and life lesson waiting for me.

Thanks Cind, this is a great reading to share. Hugs
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