Decision time-the heck with mediation I am going to court!

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Decision time-the heck with mediation I am going to court!

I lost some posts in the crash....hope everyone is doing well and had a good weekend! Mine was long and involved a lot of lost sleep.....worrying about financial junk and when/if we can mediate our differences.

Bottom line is-(pardon my 'french') SCREW IT!!! I am done with trying to reason with this man. He is insane, so what does trying to reason with him make me???? HMMMM....

So I called my attorney and told her to set a court date and get this show over with. She said that his attorney didn't really want to mediate either......wonder why??? I imagine the poor guy has realized what a nutjob he is working for....

I'll take my chances with a sane judge, thank you very much!

Off to get started working on the ole Rockin' C........
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Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Sounds like a sane judge might is the best option.

Hugs and prayers.

Working on the Rockin C-you can get a lot of stress out swinging the hammer and slapping paint around. Great therapy! hehe
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You go, girl. Sometimes all you have to do to prove what nutjobs they are is stand back, do nothing and let them hang themselves.

Judges see a lot of this stuff and are not naive. My attorney told me that if meth went away, they could close down half the courthouse....

Good luck.

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