prayers and healing thoughts requested

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prayers and healing thoughts requested

One of my friends and collegues was diagnosed last week with aortic dissection (the condition that killed John Ritter) He's young and feels blessed since his doctors say the condition is usually detected in autopsies, He had open heart surgery on Wednesday to replace some of the damaged aorta with artificial. The surgery was very successful but he isn't out of the woods yet. I know the power here is incredible so if you could, please remember Craig in your prayers and thoughts. Thanks!

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Prayers coming his way.
That's a big surgery, hope
he has a quick recovery
and goes home A.S.A.P.!
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Sending some up right now.
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Prayers being sent
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My prayers too, that's a risky procedure but glad he made it through.

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Prayers coming your way.

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Sending my prayers for his speedy recovery. Hugs, Marle
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Sending prayers for Craig. :praying
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prayers going up for for friend,craig.
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(((((Craig and family)))))

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The fact that he made it through and they caught it before hand tells me that God isn't finished with him yet. I'm sending positive thoughts and prayers for Craig.

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Adding my prayers for Craig
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Prayers to your friend, greet. I'm so glad they found it before it was too late.
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Sending up prayers for Craig!!!
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Here comes a prayer for him. He is indeed blessed to have found this so that something could be done.
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