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Does any one know what drug would cause excessive sweating?
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My wife takes massive amounts of vicodin and sweats profusely.
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crack and meth raise your body temperature greatly and cause alot of sweating. Alos caous epupils to be bigger than normal. Opiates can cause really small pupils.
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My son was addicted to opiates and he sweat alot too.
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I think lots of drugs can cause that.........even legal, OTC stuff. Some of the anti-depressants I've been on have cause that.
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Yep, I agree with PD.......but if you know that he's using, does it matter what drug it is? A drug is a drug is a one is better than another....

What are you doing for you?
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remember to breathe
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All drugs will make you sweat, with the exception of pot
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Thanks for your responses!!!
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Drug Addiction Has No Mercy
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Originally Posted by kj21 View Post
Does any one know what drug would cause excessive sweating?
Crystal meth
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oh ebf used to sweat buckets when coming down from cocaine and heroin, it is also considered a withdrawl symptom to these drugs, i think mainly heroin- but that is just from what i have experienced with abf
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