8 weeks/64 days

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Angry 8 weeks/64 days

AD has been MIA. The same amount of time she was in treatment doing so well, or so we thought!

I had breakdown at meeting last night. Couldn't stop the tears, scared me as I haven't cried in a long time. But, obsiously the hurt is still there.

Praying that God continues to watch over her as He has been doing. I have no control and know only God can bring me to sanity.

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awww I'm sorry you're feeling so concerned. I'm glad however you found a place to let it all out. My prayers are with you as I hold the same concern for mine
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Please know that you and your daughter are in my prayers. I'm glad you are going to meetings, especially now. I've been there too and remember how I felt when my son was missing. ((((susan)))) ((((daughter))))
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Or However You Spell It....
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Continued prayers for you and your daughter ((Susan)).
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remember to breathe
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from one mother to another, my prayers will be with you tonight
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Lots of prayers your way. (((HUG)))
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let it grow!
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susan, i really don't know how you do it. you're an inspiration. i would be insane..

hugs, k
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I sometimes think I am crazy, then the group says step 2 says were are insane! so, all I know is I am not doing anything, God is keeping me moving for some reason. Thanks for all the prayers and kindess. Dont' know what I'd do w/o you all!

I love the messages from NYPassion! I have copied them and keep them in my binder. I am slowly sharing w/ my parents and sisters. Thanks passion! You should write a book!

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My prayers were answered. Yours will too, be patient.

I know how much sorrow you are feeling because my son was MIA not very long ago.
When they are missing we "know" what that means.
However, things do come around in their own time. For now, My son is hanging around, he has agreed to start therapy this week. He is still alcoholic, depressed, penniless, etc.
But he is trying to rebuild his trust and relationship with me.
My wish use to be that I would know he was safe, have a
relationship with him and that he'd be off the drugs. My wish came true. Is he still living in his disease?...YES, but My prayers were answered. Yours will too, be patient.
This disease has no quick "cure" and will take many twists + relapses. I try not to get to invested in the immediated situation. I do know it is most diff. when we jusst don't know ...but when my son disappears it has always been a gift that he has spared me from witnessing his lifestyle. Blessings to you today. Just for today I wish you peace and the ability to detach.
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Susan, I know how it feels. I have not seen my AD for over 6 months. But she has been making contact. Not asking for anything (yet). I am just letting her be. I know that she is beginning to realize why things are happening as they are. The only way our daughters will find their way to a better life is by their actions alone. We can only pray that the results will be positive. Sending some mom hugs. Stay busy and focused on you. Glad that you have the meetings to go to. Hugs, Marle
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I just wish I had the words to comfort you. Please know that I am here for you anytime. I know how scary it can be when they are MIA. I've been there but not for that long of a period of time. Even in the worst times of Jen's addiction we kept in touch.

My thoughts and prayers are with you always.
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Sending more mom hugs your way and prayers for you and your daughter. Sometimes I think it is good to let your feelings out. I pray that your daughter is afe and will find her way back to recovery soon.
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My prayers go out for your daughter also, that she may find a better path soon...and that she will call her mother.

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You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there. Sometimes we all need a good cry.
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(((Susan))) I truley feel for you. I hop she soon finds her way, Sending out prayers for you and your daughter.
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Hugs from mom to mom.

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Hugs and prayers Susan...for you and your daughter. I know your pain...wish you didn't have to go through it.
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More mom hugs for you, and prayers...

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just checking in

any good news?
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AD has been MIA. The same amount of time she was in treatment doing so well, or so we thought!
MIA? Or FHS? (Finding Her Self) I'm sorry you are in so much pain.... Love & Light.
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