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Exclamation Prayers needed

I don't know a better place than here to ask for prayers for a Mother in pain over a daughter who is having a problem with drugs. Wednesday is the daughters birthday and I pray this is HER time.
Thanks to all in advance
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You have my prayers Pansy....I hope she gives herself the best gift get help and to want to find recovery. I truly understand the pain. Love, hugs and prayers from another mom
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You will be on my prayer list. I hope recovery is her birthday gift to herself.

Let this be a happy day for Pansy and her daughter.

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You are right, noone understands like the mom's at SR.
Prayers for you and your daughter on her birthday.
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Prayers from one mom to another.
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Sending prayers for mother an daughter.
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hello BluePansy- prayer coming your way to release you from the pain. It is sent by another mom who truly knows 1st hand about that kind of pain. I hope you get to celebrate this B'day with your daughter.
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(((blue pansy))) Of course I will pray for her. From one mom to another...hoping her HP leads he on the right path soon.
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Sending my prayers that your daughter will seek recovery and if not, that you will get through her birthday without too much pain. Hugs, Marle
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((((Pansy)))) You and your daughter continue to be in my prayers. Praying for strength and comfort for you today and that her HP will let her true light shine through the addiction and this will be her time. Mom to mom hugs
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Here are some prayers and ((((hugs))))
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Thank you all.
I shouldn't have posted that to sound that it was ME and my daughter who needed the prayers today. This is for a friend who needs them but I am quite sure that our HP knows who I meant and they will get to her for the support she needs today.

Again thanks.....
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Sending hugs and prayers...for ALL of the addicts who suffer...and the people who love them (especially your friend and her daughter)...
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sending prayers up for your friend,her daughter & you & yours..
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grateful rca
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prayers for her and her daughter.
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prayers going out....k
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From another mother with an addict daughter, prayers going out to you both. For the first time in years, our AD is actually acting and behaving like a sober person. You ask anyone here, I NEVER thought I would ever say that or see that. May not last but while it does, I'm enjoying every minute of it.

There is always hope but I know when you are going through it, it seems like there isn't. My situation is proof that there is hope.

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