Smart Recovery....anyone have any experience with this program?

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Smart Recovery....anyone have any experience with this program?

I was at a BBQ today and there was talk of a non 12 step program called "Smart Recovery". Has anyone had any experience good or bad with this program and if so how is it different then a 12 step program?
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It is a program that many use as their recovery tool, some of our members in the Alcohol and Substance forums use it, and much like AA and other 12-step, some are more successful than others.

I don't know that much about it first hand, just what I have heard members share here. but here's a link to their site that may help you...
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Thank you Ann,

I did check out their site but was hoping someone who had experienced the program could share and explain what the different approach was all about.
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If u go to the substance abuse forum there was a post about smart recovery there not to long ago might have to go through a few pgs but it describes it very well. Alot of success with it too over there. Its more IMHO for people who arent into the hole HP issue and dont feel comfortable in AA/NA. I believe Donewithit has used this and still might and a few other members so check that out.
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I ordered the book and CD for my ex-abf (like a good codie)...he never opened the book or listened to the CD...guess it didn't work for him!
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oh Dolly
You are such a straight shooter..........gotta love that.
The bad thing is.............I thought ..........oh wow I am a good codie TOO!
I have bought more recovery books than I care to count..............mine reads them but doesnt put them to work...............

But about the smart recovery.................I too looked at that and it seemed to me that it was basically.....JUST SAY NO......type thing
and honestly I think if it were really that easy there would be no addicts and we wouldnt be here.....but just my opinion
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That was my thought as well when I checked out the web site, if only it were that easy!!

As kj said, it's an alternative to AA/NA for those who are not comfortable with the HP and those 12 step programs.

MY BF has become so turned off to AA based on the fact so many who attend are still drinking, talking the talk but not walking the walk. NA around here is a place to obtain drugs and meet new connections.

He is thinking about giving this smart recovery a try, they offer one meeting a week in our area, when or if he does I'll share his thoughts on this program.
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at a lose---my therapist says smart recovery is a good program..she worked with the people who run it at rutgers...

why dont you call over there and ask about it, it couldnt hurt, right???
I too ordered the cd and book last year for my ah, like a good codie as well!! and of course it wasnt made any use of....
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SMART (Self Management and Recovery Training) is based on the principles of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). It's much deeper than 'Just say No'.
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I was mistaken I think..................I was thinking about another program.............where it says that the addict only needs to tell their brain NO, and make a deal with their addictive brain to use again in 30 years or something along those lines..........

I looked at the link doorknob sent and this is different from what I was thinking about.............

The site doorknob sent seems more like cognitive therapy........I didnt read everything but that was my first impression.
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