Please keep these families in your prayers

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Please keep these families in your prayers

My daughter had a friend sleep over tues night that just graduated high school last thurs. Her phone rang at 6 am yesterday when she got the news. Five of her classmates were killed tues night. Nine girls from Fairport high school were heading to Kauka Lake to stay ot a cottage. Five girls were in a van & four were in a car following behind. The van passed a slow moving car and didn't get back into their lane in time. They were hit head on by a tractor trailer. The car and the tractor burst into flames. The truck driver got out & tried to save the girls but the flames were 50 feet in the air. He is the only survivor. The other four girls in the car following witnessed their friends deaths. There were no drugs or alcohol involved. Last night was a beautiful candlelight vidual. Please keep the families and friends, as well as the truck driver in your prayers to get through this horrific accedent. Thank you.
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How horrible! I will definitely remember them
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What a shame. I will pray for them.
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Helpus I have been seeing that on the news how tragic!!! I cant imagine the pain the families are feeling my thoughts are with them!
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prayers, k
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Prayers going out....What a tragedy...OMG...brings home, that at least our kids are still with us!
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Sending prayers for the girls, their families and loved ones and the truck driver. Marle
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They are in my thoughts.
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I too saw this on the news and my heart just breaks for all who loved them.

My prayers go out for the families and friends of these beautiful young girls.
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Sending prayers. So sorry.
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I also read this in the news...its a sad situation. Prayers to those involved.
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you got it! what a shame.
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I am sending prayers to the girls families. The truck driver is really in my prayers that he finds the strength to survive this. I am praying for the other girls who saw their friends die. This is such a shame, so many lives effected.
I am praying for everyone who knew them that they find the strength to help each other.
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grateful rca
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so sorry to hear of this tragedy, i will keep all of these families and the friends of these girls in my prayers including the truck driver and his family. this is such a sad story.
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So sad. Prayers for all...
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Sending prayers for all those impacted by this tragedy. How incredibly sad.
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