dry addict?

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dry addict?

Is there such a thing as a dry addict like a dry alcoholic?
What are some signs?
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My daughter is dry...

What I see is restless, irritable, and discontent.

I think of "dry" as not understanding that absent the booze or drugs, we still need "fulfillment"... and not feeling satisfied, we get cranky. Some of us rage. I did.

Since I found a 12-step program, I have gotten better. Some folks can get better anyway. Life will often bring us what we need. I just happen to like the package that 12-step puts it in.

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I am no expert, but I think that a dry addict is one that isn't presently doing dope, but is not working any type of recovery program.

'Clean', but not working on themselves, no accountability for anything.

'Clean', but still blaming everything and everyone but themselves for any problem they have.

'Clean', but still miserable, still wallowing in self-pity.

At least that is how my ex behaves. He can be without drugs for several months, but the behaviors are all still there and eventually he falls off the wagon again because he hasn't replaced the negative things with any positive things.....
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Thanks! I usually post on the F and F of Alcoholics (I dated an alcoholic for 5 years.), but my sister used to use meth, so I thought I'd post here, too.

So, not using doesn't really solve their problems, just like not living with an A doesn't solve mine.

My sister isn't using as far as I know, but her actions say alot for trying to enable her friends. I'm seeing how she needs to be around these people to boost her self-esteem. I have to detach and let her deal with herself. I just want to make sure my 3 year old niece will be ok. They both live with my parents. I know I have to take care of myself and I am going to Alanon.

I'm concerned because she's back with "friends" who just use her and she doesn't see it. My parents will be setting boundaries and hopefully can follow through with them. It's hard for me to go about my business, detach, be at peace, etc. when I know it's not happy and healthy over at my parents'. The guilt is coming back.
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A dry addict/alcoholic is a person who does not use but still has the same personality characteristics; if that makes any sense?
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Sometimes I feel that my Ad is like that. Not using but still dysfunctional and irresponsible. I didn't realize there was a name for it.......maybe that's it.

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